Watercolor Demo Follow-up

Well, the watercolor demo at the Wimberley Valley Art League seemed to go well last night, though the weather depressed the number of attendees below normal. This post will be a shortie in follow-up to the demo. When asked the name of the Cheap Joe’s product I use to remove masking fluid I came up wanting, as I struggled to recall some catchy marketing name. As it turns out, it’s called…………wait for it……Cheap Joe’s Masking Fluid Pick-Up! (Duh!)  Here’s a link to the Cheap Joe’s catalogue for those interested. Each “pick-up” is $1.99.  I’m off to the studio!



About joeblanfordart

I am a painter and mark-maker working primarily in oil and watercolor. While I prefer a vivid, contemporary pallette, my style tends to be representational, drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources including the Balrbizon School and the Impresssionists that followed. Art is a journey and my approach is evolving with each new discovery.
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