Arezzo Lancer Finished???

Got lots to write about. First, it looks like Arezzo Lancer is about done.Arezzo Lancer 3 I say about    Arezzo Lancer 4








because, although I signed the canvas, as I post I see a few areas of minor adjustment. That’s common for me. I’ve been known to pull framed paintings down to adjust. Oils take about a year to dry fully before you should apply any varnish so, p until then, they’re fair game for adjustments! I’ve put in about ten hours over the last two days on this one and I’ve posted both a picture after yesterday’s work and after today. I hope you can tell the difference, though at this point some of the adjustments can be minor tonal shifts. At any rate, here you go. Adjustments aside, I’m very happy with the result.

I’ve also posted where I stand with  Along the Tuscan Coast after most areas have been blocked in. You can get a sense where I’m going with this high key painting, also in oil.Tuscan Coast Blocked

That brings us to upcoming shows. I have three to tell you about. First up is a show with The Hill Country Collective at the Old Bakery Emporium. The Hill Country Collective is a group of eight area artists working in oil, watercolor, pastel, photography and sculpture. Check out for details on this show. It will be held at 1006 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas from March 6 through April 2. The Opening Reception is March 7 at 5 pm. The Old Bakery Emporium is an old historical Austin site just south of the Capitol. They have installed a very nice gallery area upstairs where we will have approximately twenty-four pieces of original art. I will be hanging four to five of my watercolors.

The next venue represents a bit of a departure for me  as my last showing of a piece of sculpture was about eight years ago in Abilene. Gethsemane, which I’ve posted on extensively over the last few month will be in an exhibition, The Four Faces of Jesus, from March 5 through June 8 at McArthur Hall, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 6000 FM 3237, Wimberley, Texas. This exhibition will feature the work of six area artists in oils, pastel, sculpture and textile art. Each piece will tie in to a narrative on one aspect of the Passion of Christ.

Hope to see you at one of these venues! I should be posting on a couple other upcoming events in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.


About joeblanfordart

I am a painter and mark-maker working primarily in oil and watercolor. While I prefer a vivid, contemporary pallette, my style tends to be representational, drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources including the Balrbizon School and the Impresssionists that followed. Art is a journey and my approach is evolving with each new discovery.
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