Waxing Philosophic

I’m sitting here at Hopp’in House for a grandson’s Birthday party. Funny how things just hit you in a moment of revelation. I have been reading Richard Rohr’s “The Naked Now”, saw a piece on CBS Sunday with Matthew McConaughey where he talks about moving from worrying about results to focusing on process, thinking about my next sculpture project in the shower and generally reflecting on life. Phew! What cacophony of seemingly unrelated “stuff” ?!?

Well………not really. Reflecting on my earlier corporate life, my mantra was, ” Do right things right and good things tend to happen”. In my current, artistic life, I have two sayings hanging in my studio, “Ars Gratia¬†Artis” (humor me as my Latin is terrible and I’m not in my studio looking at the quote but, translated, it should read, “Art For Art’s Sake”) and,the second is, “Life is not measured in the number of breaths you take but in the number of moments your breath is taken away”. The bottom line is you’ve got to follow your heart, have faith and enjoy the journey. Minimize dualistic thinking and engage in a more contemplative approach to life. Have I bored you with my musings?

Concerning my next sculpture subject……As I was working on Gethsemane, I mentioned to the other artists involved with the upcoming exhibition how it would have been fun to depict that wild man, John the Baptist. Why not ? Who knows, after The Baptist I might start a whole series based upon the mystics/comtemplatives in the Bible. I’ve got a number of ideas that incubated in the shower this morning along with the life musings. I’ll share them after some time with the sketch pad.


About joeblanfordart

I am a painter and mark-maker working primarily in oil and watercolor. While I prefer a vivid, contemporary pallette, my style tends to be representational, drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources including the Balrbizon School and the Impresssionists that followed. Art is a journey and my approach is evolving with each new discovery.
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