Arezzo Lancer

Well, one of the dogs woke me up at 4:30 am to go out and , you guessed it, I couldn’t get back to sleep. So I was in the studio around 5:00 and got back to work on Arezzo Lancer. After about five hours I can report progress was made. Still an awful lot to do but it’s coming along. Most of my time was spent on the face and I still have quite a few value issues that need attention. Arezzo Lancer 2The good news is I know what I need to do, particularly with the eyes and lips. I cannot remember if I have mentioned this before but the support for this painting is a departure for me. I am working on stretched linen versus stretched canvas or gessoed masonite panel. So far so good. I really like the fine texture of the linen versus canvas duck. It gives like canvas but the surface is slicker….somewhere between the masonite and stretched canvas. I also pulled the frame I had picked up at the Palmer Events Center Flea Market a year or two ago and checked it with the painting to date. Looks good.

As I was wrapping up I used some of the paint I’d laid out on the glass palette to slap some pigment on Santa Chiara, Tuscan Coast and Blue Hole Cistern.


About joeblanfordart

I am a painter and mark-maker working primarily in oil and watercolor. While I prefer a vivid, contemporary pallette, my style tends to be representational, drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources including the Balrbizon School and the Impresssionists that followed. Art is a journey and my approach is evolving with each new discovery.
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